From The Political Office


A Message From The Chief.

Aanii, Boozhoo,

Serpent River! We live are living a historical moment, together we will remember this as a time we came together, we helped each other, we reconnected to ourselves, the land, and community. COVID-19 may be an uncertain and troublesome time, but in the end this too shall pass. Serpent River First Nation will rise as it always has and face adversity with pride, commitment and unwavering duty to take care of our most vulnerable.

I want to say how proud and happy I am to be the Chief of this community over the last few weeks as we have pulled together and continue to live those seven grandfather teachings. Serpent River First Nation, as we continue to navigate these troubled waters, you can rest assured that the Band Administration, Chief and Council will continue to work on improving and protecting this community. 

Thank you to all our essential staff, our managers, our entrance guards, the health workers, and finally to all of you. Together we can get through this, and together we will stay.

Chi Miigwetch,

Brent Bissaillion, Serpent River First Nation


Serpent River First Nation is in the process of developing a Chi-Naaknigewin (law) or otherwise referred to as a constitution.  This is an ongoing initiative that requires community involvement.

Chi-Naaknigewin, More coming soon
Community Readout, Chief And Council